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Sunrise over Bagan

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Greetings Friends:

Travel is a privilege. Paying attention reveals many lessons in living. How we see the world shapes how we see ourselves. I've always enjoyed taking pictures and getting lost in a new landscapes. Travel experiences give me new perspectives on the work I do with organizations at home. I figured it was time to share them for more than my eyes to see and for a purpose. I hope you enjoy the images.

I'm using my privilege to travel to support some friends I've made along the way. All profits from the sale of any of my pictures support the All Burmese Monks Alliance in Brooklyn, NY. These courageous monks fled their homeland after the September 2007 Saffron Revolution in Burma. Coming to America as refugees to Utica, NY in 2008-09, they now make their home at the Metta Parami Monastery which they founded in Brooklyn, NY.

I invite you to take a look around the site. If you see a photo you like, click on the buy button to support good people. You'll find a bunch of different options for printing. Thanks for stopping by. Have fun browsing the galleries. I'll keep adding more.

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